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Blind Date

8 February 2016

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the library propose to set you up with a blind (book) date! We have wrapped up and prepared our different book-dates and they are waiting for you to CHECK THEM OUT and to fall in love with the characters you’ll meet, the story that is told, the topic you’ll…

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Holiday opening hours

8 February 2016

The library stays open during the winter holiday, 15-20 February with the following hours..

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The SWAP-experience!

5 February 2016
The SWAP-experience!

During December month, the library made place for a swap table and organized a book exchange between professors, collaborators and students of Audencia. As a result, we’re happy to ship off 3 boxes of books to Libraries Without Borders (that’s 20 kg of books!) and…

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Europresse, 360°

2 February 2016

(Re)discover Europresse, a press database that makes it easy to follow the news and to stay updated! With its new “look” and interface, it’s easier than ever to launch an…

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Information research

1 February 2016

Making a presentation? Working on your professional thesis? Want to save time, be more efficient and to do a better job.. ? Whatever your assignment, there are things to think…

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Reading list for Finance

25 January 2016

Time to learn about or freshen up your knowledge on issues such as time value of money, basic financial accounting concepts (links between balance sheet, P&L and cash flow statements…

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