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SWAP: Recycle at the library!

23 May 2016

Is it possible to combine the European Sustainable Development Week, the finals and summer reading?  Of course it is! From the 24th May and during the entire month of June, the library organizes a big swap of books, CDs and DVDs! The idea is simple: bring what you want to share & leave with what…

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17 May 2016

Contemplation, sharing and discovery: that's on the menu during Isegoria's upcoming festival Hêmera on the theme "La culture française : solution à nos crises ?" (French Culture: solution to our crises). For this festival, the library Phileas Fogg proposes a selection of books and ebooks…

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Concentration and attention

16 May 2016

A (french) infography from the library with tips & tricks for understanding and improving these qualities (perfect for the finals)!

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11 May 2016

Are you looking to monitor and analyse global financial information? Then the platform Eikon, by Thomson Reuters, is for you! Providing financial market and industry news, data and analytics, it…

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Studying for Finals

9 May 2016
Studying for Finals

The finals are coming up, time to study and get organized! To do so (in the best of ways) the library is stepping up to help you! During the month…

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“Pharmaceutical: when industrial and financial interests are poisoning health”

8 May 2016
“Pharmaceutical: when industrial and financial interests are poisoning health”

For Iségorias conference with Irène Frachon on the theme « Médicaments : quand les intérêts industriels et financiers empoisonnent la santé » (Pharmaceutical: when industrial and financial interests are poisoning…

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