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Zoom on Factiva

22 August 2016

Here are some tips and tricks for using Factiva, a news database produced by Dow Jones, one of the leading global provider of economic and financial information. Discover the “Newsstand” and the “Company Snapshot” fonctions that allows you to have a first approach to a subject or a general overview of a company. This with only…

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New books at the library

15 August 2016

The library regularly buys new books to assure that our collection meets your need, is up to date and relevant! You can find our latest acquisitions on, and get inspiration to read and borrow! Make it a habit to visit this page, or simply…

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The library’s research toolbox

8 August 2016
The library’s research toolbox

Make a bibliography, construct a literature review, cite your sources and avoid plagiarism.. The library’s research toolbox will show you how to !

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Information literacy at work

1 August 2016

Searching, selecting, evaluating and using information.. In this (french) short movie different business professionals explain the importance of information literacy at work.

For a flawless bibliography, use Zotero!

25 July 2016
For a flawless bibliography, use Zotero!

Don't forget to cite your sources (correcty!) when you're writing your thesis! Take the time to (re)discover Zotero, and it will surely save you time.. and improve the results! While…

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Perfect for your vacation!

18 July 2016

Discover Eurotalk, an online platform with games and interactive exercises that lets you learn the basics of more than 108 languages! German, Chinese, Danish, French, Spanish… Well, you get the idea!…

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