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Art, management and Creativity

21 June 2016

Right now in the library: book display on the theme of “Art, management and Creativity” !

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Le poids des secrets

16 June 2016
logo - le poids des secrets

How much does it weight, a delicate family plot? Find out in this fifth episode of l’Eté à la page, where Frédéric Harscouët talks about the book “Le poids des secrets” by Aki Shimazaki. Are you intrigued? Come and borrow this book in the library!

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En attendant Bojangles

14 June 2016
logo - en attendant Bojangles

Noise, fury and jazz with the forth episode of L’Eté à la page and the book “En attendant Bojangles“, by Olivier Bourdeaut. After watching this video and listening to Frédéric Harscouët, we understand if you can’t wait to read it.. well the good news is…

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La Maison dans laquelle

13 June 2016
logo - la maison dans laquelle

L’Eté à la page, third episode: throw yourself into a surprising and fantastic story with the book “La Maison dans laquelle“, by Mariam Petrosyan. Borrow it today at the library!

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Les Affinités

7 June 2016
l'été à la page

In this second episode of “L’été à la page”, Frédéric Harscouet talks about social networks in a near future and invites you to discover the book Les Affinités by Robert…

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Le Cas Annunziato

1 June 2016

Get reading ideas for a perfect summer on the beach with the library’s new video serie “L’été à la page”! In our first episode, Frédéric Harscouet from the bookshop Durance…

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